Current Openings

Manager of Operations

    Job Description: The Intern/Manager of Operations will work under the direct supervision of the Owner/Executive Secretary. Responsibilities include:
    • research, synthesize, and present in attractive formats, wide-ranging learning quantitative and qualitative data;
    • grant-writing/fundraising directed and supervised by the Executive Secretary;
    • monitor Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable (self-organized Bookkeeping);
    • create a bi-weekly "TO-DO LIST" designed to check the status of strategic operations in progress under the stewardship of the Executive Secretary;
    • help set up partnerships by communicating with internal, local, regional, national, and international entities (student organizations, academic departments, clients, diplomatic representations, universities, publishing companies, service providers, etc.);
    • create and edit promotional fliers;
    • research and suggest original strategies/activities to optimize goals outlined in writing by the Executive Secretary;
    • help manage the Institute's social media interface (We have a Web Designer/Social Media Specialist on staff.);
    • evaluate the outcomes of the decisions involved with creating the conditions to launch the Lead Project, MAAT'O "from scratch": https://dpl.online/tag/digital-divide/
    • design online-based (assessment) surveys under the supervision of the Executive Secretary;
    • conduct minimal academic research;
    • carry all other tasks as assigned, including menial, non-glorious jobs involved with running a dynamic start-up in the Global Education Business (Library cataloguing of physical references, airport pick-up/drop of for client-dignitaries, taking minutes at meetings and archiving them.)
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