At 9Ri we hold that the Universe is Feminine in some profound manifestations.

We view the frontiers that divide the Blue Marble into nations and States, and polities, as largely toxic to the dream of achieving more peace and security for the Citizens of the Global South.

Nine Roads Institute works with community-based actors in Pittsburgh, USA; Dakar, Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS); Kimberley, South African Development Community (SADC); Marseilles, European Union (EU); Bandung, Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN); and Cartagena, Colombia in The Andes to advance the contentious Restoration of Historical Consciousness Amongst Africans at Home and Africans Abroad (Afrodescendants). We offer pro-bono facilities and an innovative web-based architecture to leverage the impact of our customized Educational Services on the career- projects of youth across the Global South, including accredited graduate degree-sanctioned programs. We are uniquely positioned to advance the acquisition of critical thinking skills, global competencies, and the social capital of our bottom-billion target public in the existing international ecosystem. We work, namely through Public-Private partnerships, to help bridge the Digital Divide.

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